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Remove/Delete SharePoint Lists in Outlook 2007

After migrating to Outlook 2007 I tried out the various features like its RSS and Share point integration. After a while the share point integration started becoming a drag and I decided to remove it.

The simple solution of getting rid of in the account setting did not work out for me.  After searching for solutions and a bit of experimentation I finally got one solution that worked for me.
The trick is to remove it from two places where it is stored.

  1. Send Receive group
  2. Account settings.

Here is a mini screen shot tutorial on how I got rid of SharePoint 2007.

Step 1:

First Step is to remove the Share point from the send receive group so that it stops updating.

On the Menu select Tools >> Send/Receive >> Send/Receive Settings >> Define Send/Receive groups
This will bring up the Send/Receive Groups

On the Menu select Tools >> Send/Receive >> Send/Receive Settings >> Define Send/Receive groups

Step 2:
On the  “Send Receive Groups” window click on All Accounts and click Edit to bring up Send/Receive Settings

On the  "Send Receive Groups" window click on All Accounts and click Edit

Step 3:

On the Send/Receive Setting select the SharePoint Tab (on the left pane) .

Uncheck the Share point lists in the Send Receive options first, if you have multiple list uncheck all of them.
After this Uncheck the “Include SharePoint lists in this Send/Receive group”

Make sure to follow this sequence, if you uncheck the top check box first then the lists gets disabled/grayed out and you will not be able to uncheck them.

Click OK to close this window and once you are back on “Send Receive Groups” click Close to close this too.

Step 4:

Now go back to Tools Menu and Select Account Settings, i.e. Tools >> Account Settings

Step 5:

Now select the SharePoint List tab and click on your list and click change.

Step 6:

Once on the SharePoint List Options window uncheck the “Don’t display this list on other computers I use”

Make sure to do this, you will need to do the same in other computers you use.

Note:: I actually use just my laptop, I think because of the multiple hardware profiles on my laptop (docked mode, undocked mode ..) it treats outlook running in separate profiles as different computers, this is just my guess I don’t have anything to prove this 🙂

Click Ok and get back to the Account Setting window

Step 7:

Now Select the Sharepoint List you want to delete and remove them by clicking delete.

This should remove the list and not prompt you about share point.




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  1. thx for the insight.

    Comment by craig | January 12, 2012 | Reply

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