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Minimized Cisco VPN Client on Windows 7

The Cisco client sometimes behaves oddly and starts staying minimized and you cannot swith to the client to connect/disconnect or do anything. The moment it starts it stays minimized and you cannot switch to the client.

This seems to happen as it remembers its location on screen and tends to get some weird values when switching between Display settings. The solution is to close the client and then open the vpnclient.ini file in the Programs directory (for me its located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Cisco Systems\VPN Client) and delete the rows that say WindowX and WindowY and restart the client.

This should solve your issue.

(My Cisco VPN client version is


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Extracting from Nokia Backup file .nbu

The Nokia PC Suite is a very convenient way to backup the Nokia phone data.  The data gets backed up into a .nbu file format which cannot be opened directly.

There are quite a few commercial software designed to open and extract this data.

I personally use the open source solution called nbu explorer, which is free and in case you are not hapy you can always change the code 🙂

The project is located at

The program comes as an executable and does not need to be installed although it has a .net frame work requirement.


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Lenovo Thinkpad W500 turning off the Integrated Camera

The Lenovo ThinkPad W500 has a built in integrated camera that is useful for video sharing and day to day basic video interaction. But I use W500 has a work laptop at home and Office and have better quality Audio/Video system that means the W500 camera is never used.

Turning off any unwanted device is a very good way to conserve battery and the camera is no exception. There are multiple was to turn the camera off.

  1. Use the Device manager and disable the device (Control panel > System > Hardware tab > Device Manager) or devmgmt.msc
  2. Use hardware profiles and enable or disable device for a particular profile
  3. Turn off the Integrated Camera in the BIOS (It is under Security Settings on W500)

I have turned off the device in the BIOS since I no longer use it.

Any of these steps can be used to turn off the other unwanted devices. This is especially useful when you are running on battery and want to conserve battery.

Other devices that can be turned off to save power include CD/DVD Drive, Smart Card reader, WiMax, Fingerprint reader.


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Command line control of Bluetooth on IBM T43, T60 , W500 …

I use a Thinkpad Notebook at work (IBM T43 and noe Lenovo W500) and usually keep my bluetooth turned off.
But once in while I need to turn it on to sync my Nokia phone and the trouble is that the “fn + f5 ” that does this is only available on the laptop not the extension keyboar that I use.

To solve this “minor” issue I built two small batch files so that I can run them from command line without having to touch the laptop.

To switch Blue Tooth On:

NET START "Bluetooth Service"
"C:\Program Files\Lenovo\HOTKEY\TpFnF5.exe" /BTON</strong>

Switch Blootooth Off:

"C:\Program Files\Lenovo\HOTKEY\TpFnF5.exe" /BTOFF
NET STOP "Bluetooth Service"

Please note that the TpFnF5.exe will be in different location based on your laptop model.

These can then be copied to a text file and renamed as .bat so that it can be run when needed.

This is very handy script as I don’t like leaving the bluetooth on unless I am really using it.

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Remove/Delete SharePoint Lists in Outlook 2007

After migrating to Outlook 2007 I tried out the various features like its RSS and Share point integration. After a while the share point integration started becoming a drag and I decided to remove it.

The simple solution of getting rid of in the account setting did not work out for me.  After searching for solutions and a bit of experimentation I finally got one solution that worked for me.
The trick is to remove it from two places where it is stored.

  1. Send Receive group
  2. Account settings.

Here is a mini screen shot tutorial on how I got rid of SharePoint 2007.

Step 1:

First Step is to remove the Share point from the send receive group so that it stops updating.

On the Menu select Tools >> Send/Receive >> Send/Receive Settings >> Define Send/Receive groups
This will bring up the Send/Receive Groups

On the Menu select Tools >> Send/Receive >> Send/Receive Settings >> Define Send/Receive groups

Step 2:
On the  “Send Receive Groups” window click on All Accounts and click Edit to bring up Send/Receive Settings

On the  "Send Receive Groups" window click on All Accounts and click Edit

Step 3:

On the Send/Receive Setting select the SharePoint Tab (on the left pane) .

Uncheck the Share point lists in the Send Receive options first, if you have multiple list uncheck all of them.
After this Uncheck the “Include SharePoint lists in this Send/Receive group”

Make sure to follow this sequence, if you uncheck the top check box first then the lists gets disabled/grayed out and you will not be able to uncheck them.

Click OK to close this window and once you are back on “Send Receive Groups” click Close to close this too.

Step 4:

Now go back to Tools Menu and Select Account Settings, i.e. Tools >> Account Settings

Step 5:

Now select the SharePoint List tab and click on your list and click change.

Step 6:

Once on the SharePoint List Options window uncheck the “Don’t display this list on other computers I use”

Make sure to do this, you will need to do the same in other computers you use.

Note:: I actually use just my laptop, I think because of the multiple hardware profiles on my laptop (docked mode, undocked mode ..) it treats outlook running in separate profiles as different computers, this is just my guess I don’t have anything to prove this 🙂

Click Ok and get back to the Account Setting window

Step 7:

Now Select the Sharepoint List you want to delete and remove them by clicking delete.

This should remove the list and not prompt you about share point.



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Outlook Taskbar – display tasks from multiple pst (personal folders)

The Todo Bar in Outlook 2007 by default displays only the tasks that are found in the main mail box. So If you flag a mail in mailbox then it appears in the taskbar as a item. But once you have archived/moved the mail to a local folder (pst) it gets removed from the todo bar.

We can make sure that flagged mail from the local pst show up by modifying the pst properties.

You can achive that by doing the following,

  1. Click on top level folder of the pst
  2. Right and select properties
  3. Check the box that says “Display reminders and tasks from this folder in To-Do  bar“.

Here a screen shot of this should look,

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Customize SQL Plus prompt – Part 2

In Oracle 10g there is a easier way to customize the SQL prompt just use,

set sqlprompt ‘&_user.@&_connect_identifier.>’

and the prompt gets changed.

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Customize SQL Plus prompt

Run this following code in SQL Plus to customize the sql prompt to the format username@datbase name.

So if you are the user vmk and the datbase name is acmedb they the prompt appears as,

vmk@acmedb >
So here it is

define gname=idle

column global_name new_value gname
select lower(user) || ‘@’ || substr( global_name,1,
decode( dot, 0, length(global_name), dot-1) ) global_name
from (select global_name, instr(global_name,’.’) dot from global_name );
set sqlprompt ‘&gname> ‘


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